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4 Tips For Doing Schoolies On A Budget

We get it! Schoolies can be pricey so this week's blog offers our top five tips for booking Schoolies on a budget! 

1. Layby 
Stressless and book your trip on layby! Schoolies layby plans are super simple, just lock in your trip with a deposit, and then pay the remainder of the booking amount off in small monthly instalments leading up to your trip. Lock in your layby payment plan from as early as 18 months prior to your Schoolies, PLUS the sooner you lock it in, the smaller your monthly repayment amount will be, massive life hack!
The best part is that there is zero fees, zero set up costs and zero interest, so you are only ever paying for your trip. Find out more about layby here.

2. Choose your accom wisely
The best way to save some serious coin is to pick your Schoolies week accommodation wisely. Think money-saving facilities: like a kitchen, so you don't have to splurge on UberEats every night and can spend some quality time with your besties cooking at home. Also consider picking a hotel in a central location, close to all the action, so you can save on Ubers. Picking a spot that's within walking distance or close to public transport will help you save some money during the week.
Also, keep an eye out for hotels that offer free breakfast or snacks, options like Novotel ,Chateau Beachside and Surfers Chalet Apartments could save you heaps when it comes to mealtimes! Find the perfect hotel for you and your squad here

3. Book a Package
When you book a package you not only save money but also time scrolling the web for transfers, hotels, flights and all elements you need when planning your perfect getaway. One of the BEST things about booking with Schoolies.com is that we've done all the hard work for you and put all the things you need for the ultimate Schoolies getaway in one ultimate Schoolies package. If you're on the hunt for a ripper deal for your Schoolies abroad, Schoolies Island Fiji includes a massive range of extras that ensure you get serious bang for your buck. 

4. More people in your room = cheaper price pp
In most cases, the more people you have in your room means the cheaper price it'll be per person. so make sure you've filled your room to the max capacity to ensure you're paying the cheapest price! Get your besties on board and secure the best price you can here


Just remember you only get one chance to celebrate Schoolies. Book Schoolies here
and get ready for the experience of a lifetime! 
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