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My Only Schoolies Regret

This week we have a guest blogger Olivia, who is 18 years old and from Sydney. For this week's blog, Olivia reflects on her 2019 Schoolies Gold Coast. 

If your year 12 experience is anything like mine was, your year will be a mixed experience of some of the greatest and most stressful days of your life. The one thing that makes those harder days that much sweeter is knowing that Schoolies is the beautiful shining light at the end of that tunnel.  

From the first day of high school Schoolies had been in the back of our minds, the idea of this insane week where you hang with all your best mates in a beautiful apartment by the beach. It was the daydream that got me through some of the hardest days at school. When the time came that I was actually travelling to the Gold Coast with my closest friends to attend Schoolies week, I could honestly hardly believe it.

my-only-Schoolies-regret-blog.jpgRolling up to our apartment our heads were spun. Our apartment was insane, we were two minutes away from Cavill and best of all, it was all ours (well at least for a week). We had no parents, no teachers, no responsibilities. Just one hell of a view and a huge week ahead of us.  
Before arriving at Schoolies I honestly had no idea what to expect. Our group had read up on all the different parties and added every ticket we could to our booking. The pool parties, the all-ages, the beach party pass, you name it we had it. I had waited years for this trip, no chance was I missing out on a single thing. The experience we actually received was so much more than we could have ever expected.

Our 18+ passes meant we were able to run amuck and get into all the clubs where there was a huge line-up with some of the sickest DJ’s. Before we would hit the clubs, we would check out the timetable and plan where the squad wanted to hit up first. It was too much fun bouncing from club to club making friends everywhere I went.

Hands down my favourite party was the Hilton Pool Party, not only was there free burritos and an insane DJ but it was just an awesome day of kicking back and partying in the sunshine. PLUS, Luke from Love Island was partying with us the whole day! 


To end the week on the last two nights we had the Schoolies Nation Beach Festival. They definitely saved the best for last! Partying on the sand with a mint line-up with Tigerlily and Sevenn playing on the first night and the RnB guys playing on the Friday night. 


Now ladies and gents the one thing you have all been waiting for, the single only regret I had from my Schoolies week. Simply that I didn’t organise my group sooner. I booked super late in the year and even though it all panned out nicely, the one dampener on my whole experience would be how stressful it was to organize not only money for the trip but also half my friends already had other groups to go with. Looking back definitely wish I had taken advantage of the layby plans and gotten in earlier. Either way, it was an insane experience that was once in a lifetime!

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