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How Much Spending Money Do You Need to Take to Schoolies?

28 Jul 2020 by Claire T


There is no hard and fast figure we can give you on exactly how much money to take to Schoolies. Everyone is different! And so everyone needs to have a think about their own spending and holiday habits to work out how much to take. We can however suggest a few places to start and things to consider when trying to work our what your Schoolies spending budget needs to be. 


The top tip for making sure you are on top of your funds at Schoolies is to pre-purchase your party tickets through your booking login. This means that A.) you will not miss out because they sell out and B.) you don’t have to factor the cost of parties into your spending budget.
All the party tickets you need for Schoolies can be purchased prior to travelling to Schoolies via, there are no tickets that need to be purchased once you get here. So if you are travelling to a destination that has parties and events, get your tickets sorted before you come so that is one less thing to worry about once you land at your Schoolies week.


Because your accommodation and party tickets are all sorted before you get to Schoolies, the main expense you need to think about is food, drinks and shopping.
When it comes to food, figure out how many meals will you be eating out vs how many you can make yourself. Ask yourself does your accommodation have kitchen facilities? Does your accommodation have breakfast included? Can you convince mum and dad to stock you up with snacks before you go? Do you love a late-night Maccas run? Is there a Woolies or Coles nearby where you can grab affordable snacks? Does your crew plan on going out for dinner during your Schoolies week?
Then there are drinks. If you are over the age of 18 at Schoolies and are you planning to be going to the clubs and ordering drinks, think about how much you spend on a night out and how many nights you expect to be out. Everyone is different so again this will depend on your personal habits.
Finally, do you love a bit of shopping? If you can see yourself grabbing a new bikini or some sweet new threads for the parties, make sure you consider this in your budget.


It’s best to do a little planning when it comes to sorting your Schoolies spending money. Have a good think about your holiday habits and your expectations and then go from there. It can be good to have a little buffer in your spending money too for anything unexpected that crops up. A few minutes spent planning can mean you are all set to have a stress-free, fun and fabulous Schoolies holiday!
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