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Why Booking With Schoolies.com is Your Best Option for Your Schoolies Week! 24 Jul 2020 by Caitlin M

Wondering why booking with Schoolies.com is the best option for your Schoolies week? Find all the answers you need in this week's blog.

1. We've been the Schoolies booking site for over 30 years!
When you book with Schoolies, you are booking with the experts. Schoolies.com has been the central booking site for Schoolies Week for over 30 years. Organising Schoolies holidays for over 30,000 happy travellers each and every year. So, when it comes to booking Schoolies with someone you trust, we got you.

2. We have a huge range of accommodation
Schoolies.com offers the largest range of Schoolies approved accommodation hotspots in the one place. When you book outside of Schoolies.com you risk having your Schoolies accommodation cancelled as the property might not allow Schoolies bookings (& yes even if you book under mum or dads name, you can still be caught out, this happens a lot.) Save the hassle and book with Schoolies.com. We even offer interest-free payment plans so that you can lock in your spot without having to cough up all the funds upfront. 

3. Huge range of destinations
If you’re keen on something a little different for your Schoolies trip we’ve got you covered. We book Schoolies holidays in over 17 different popular Schoolies locations both within Australia and abroad. Whether you plan on jetting over to celebrate in Fiji, Bali, Lorne or keeping it simple spending your Schoolies on the traditional Gold Coast, we have got you covered.

4. Safe and Secure
Struggling to get your parents to let you go to Schoolies? Rest assured that each year we review our policies and employ new strategies to support the physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing of Schoolies during their trip. Schoolies.com bookings offer the following initiatives to support the safety of school leavers during their Schoolies holiday including official Schoolies lanyards, extra security at our top Schoolies hotels*, Red Frogs*, partnership with support services*, official Schoolies wristbands (were applicable) 24-hour Schoolies hotline and heaps more! To give your parents all the info we have created the Schoolies Parent Information Page to give them all the information they need when sending you on your Schoolies holiday. Check it out here.
*Please note these initiatives are subject to Schoolies locations and dates. For further information please contact the Schoolies.com team.

5. We are ATAS accredited 
Schoolies.com is proud to be accredited by the AFTA Travel Agent Scheme (ATAS). To be accredited means that Schoolies.com executes the highest calibre of professionalism, credibility, and reliability. Only the industries best can achieve this level of accreditation through the continued execution of professional conduct with a foundation of strong business ethics.
ATAS Travel Accredited Australian Federation of Travel Agents
6. Exclusive access to Schoolies.com parties
Schoolies.com parties are exclusive to our customers. This means the ONLY way to get into our parties is to have a Schoolies.com booking. Don't miss out on the biggest and best parties of Schoolies week and add a party pass to your booking here.


Just remember you only get one chance to celebrate Schoolies. Book Schoolies here and get ready for the experience of a lifetime! 

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