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Why Booking With Schoolies.com is Your Best Option for Your Schoolies Week

Wondering why booking with Schoolies.com is the best option for your Schoolies week? Find all the answers you need in this week's blog.

1. We've been the #1 Schoolies booking site for over 35 years!
When you book with Schoolies.com, you are booking with the experts. Schoolies.com has been the central booking site for Schoolies Week for over 35 years. Organising Schoolies holidays for over 30,000 grade 12's each and every year. So, when it comes to booking Schoolies with someone you trust, we got you. 🤝

2. We have a huge range of accommodation across Australia
Schoolies.com offers the largest range of Schoolies-approved accommodation options across Australia and internationally, so there truly is something to suit everyone. 💯 No matter what your vibe, you'll find the perfect place to spend your Schoolies on Schoolies.com. If you're looking for the ultimate Schoolies experience packed with epic parties, the Gold Coast is unbeatable. Looking for a balance of relaxation and celebration? Check out Lorne, Noosa, Airlie Beach or Byron Bay. Take your Schoolies experience to the next level by jet-setting off to our private Schoolies Island in Fij, or Bali. Check out the rest of our destinations and find your perfect Schoolies accom below.
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3. Guaranteed Schoolies Approved accommodation 
Booking with Schoolies.com guarantees you staying in Schoolies-approved accommodation, meaning you don't risk getting turned away at check-in. A lot of external booking sites do not accept Schoolies bookings and every year we get phone calls from distressed Schoolies who have been refused entry to their accommodation and can't find anywhere to stay! Rest assured when you book through Schoolies.com you are staying in a Schoolies-approved accommodation with a bunch of other like minded schoolies. 🙌

4. Safe and Secure
Struggling to get your parents to let you go to Schoolies? Each year we review our policies and employ new strategies to support the physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing of Schoolies during their trip. Schoolies.com bookings offer the following initiatives to support the safety of school leavers during their Schoolies holiday including official Schoolies lanyards, extra security at our top Schoolies hotels*, Red Frogs*, partnership with support services*, official Schoolies wristbands (were applicable), a 24-hour Schoolies hotline for our customers and heaps more! To give your parents all the info we have created the Schoolies Parent Information Page to give them all the information they need when sending you on your Schoolies holiday. Check it out here.
*Please note these initiatives are subject to Schoolies locations and dates. For further information please contact the Schoolies.com team.
support-at-schoolies-week.jpg5. We have fee-free payment plans
Wanna lock in your Schoolies but don't have the funds to pay it all upfront? We get it, that's why we've made it easy and affordable to lock in your Schoolies vaycay using our payment plans. All you have to do is pay your deposit and the rest of your booking is split up into small monthly repayments, it's really that easy! Find out more here.

6. Exclusive access to Schoolies.com parties

Schoolies.com parties are exclusive to our customers, meaning the ONLY way to get into our iconic parties and get access to our passes is to have a Schoolies.com booking. Your Schoolies experience isn't complete without the iconic parties, you only get one chance to do S
choolies, so make sure you do it right. 🫡

Remember you only get one chance to celebrate Schoolies. Book Schoolies here and get ready for the experience of a lifetime 🎉
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