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Why Should You Go to Schoolies?

Are you on the fence about going to Schoolies? 🤔 Keep on reading and we’ll show you why you don’t want to make the mistake of missing your Schoolies celebration.

1. Schoolies is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Yeah sure, you could go to any old party, or go on a trip anytime. But Schoolies? You only get one chance to celebrate graduation with thousands of other Schoolies in one place. It’s a truly unique experience you only get to have once in your lifetime. No parents, no responsibilities, just complete freedom and a week full of epic parties. 🎉


2. One last chance to say goodbye to your grade.

The sad truth is after graduation, everyone gets busy, goes to uni, gets that new job, starts travelling, all that exciting adulting stuff. 🙃 With everyone operating on totally different schedules, you probably won’t get to see the people you’re so used to seeing every day at school. Schoolies is the final hurrah to have everyone all in one place, partying and celebrating with no worries in the world, before you have to say goodbye to high school, and hello to adult life. Close that chapter of your life off the right way, by booking your Schoolies! 🤩

3. It's a vibe!

Schoolies is iconic for so many reasons. No matter where you’re heading, you and your Schoolies squad will be in for the best week of your lives, filled with sick parties and unforgettable experiences. 🥳 Head to party central on the Gold Coast, and experience some of Schoolies most iconic parities: the Hilton Pool Party, Schoolies Nation Festival and awesome Club Parties. If you’re looking for a more chilled Schoolies experience, why not try out the beach town of Noosa, learn to surf in Bryon Bay, or relax in the tropics of Airlie Beach. If you’re looking to take your Schoolies trip to the next level, head on an international holiday to Schoolies Fiji Island. ✈️ The perfect balance of party and tropical relaxation. There’s a Schoolies destination for everyone, how could you not book?! 🙌
Grade 12 comes with some of the most iconic moments in your life: formal, muck-up day, graduation, and then Schoolies. Turning down the opportunity to attend the biggest graduation party in Australia means missing out forever. Don’t let FOMO ruin the best year of your life. Lock in your spot below. 💯
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