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Schoolies - What Even is it and How Does it All Work?! 05 Jul 2022 by Mia E

So you’ve just hit year 11, everyone’s talking about Schoolies. But you’re asking what even is Schoolies? How does it work? What do you do? Where do you go? 
Well don’t worry bestie, we’re here to explain everything, so you can get keen for the most exciting part of graduating year 12 – Schoolies Week!

What is Schoolies?

Schoolies is a huge celebration for Australian year 12 graduates. After final exams, graduates get together to party, relax, & make memories. 
It’s a week-long celebration and often it’s the last care-free time you have to hang out with your grade all together before everyone goes their separate ways after school and moves on to adult life.

Where does it happen? has 16 different destinations across Australia and internationally that grade 12’s can choose to go to celebrate Schoolies! There are so many choices, each destination offers a different vibe so there’s something for everyone. 
You may have heard of Schoolies on the Gold Coast, this is by far the most popular Schoolies destination on offer, thousands of graduates gather every year for the BIGGEST graduation party in Australia. If you’re looking for a bit more adventure, why not take your Schoolies trip global. Our Schoolies Island Fiji destination is the perfect mix of tropical relaxation and insane parties! There are also destinations that are more low-key like Byron Bay, Lorne, Rye & Airlie Beach. There are so many more to choose from, check them all out here.

What does do? is the number 1 trusted official schoolies booking site for over 35 years! 
Yep, we’ve been doing this a long time, so by booking with us you know your trip is going to be a guaranteed good time. We look after your accommodation for the week, providing Schoolies-approved accommodation options, so you know you won’t be stitched up when you arrive on check-in day. We also host sick parties and events in heaps of our destinations that are exclusive to our customers. Say less.

How do I book?

Head to, this is our official site where you can choose your destination, book your accommodation, add your party passes, cop some merch and easily change up your booking if you need to, all in one place. We take care of everything, so all you have to do is turn up and have the best week of your life! Get step-by-step instructions on how to book here.

What happens at Schoolies?

So you’ve booked, but what’s it actually like when you rock up to Schoolies week? Well, no matter where you’ve chosen to go to, you’ll be spending 7 days and nights with your Schoolies squad, in the best accommodation with a bunch of other grade 12 graduates. Everyone’s there to celebrate, relax, reflect, bond and enjoy their last moments together before they go off into the real world.
If you’ve booked a destination that has parties and events, you will be emailed a party schedule and instructions on where and how to pick up your party tickets, and where and when all the epic events are happening.  
Check out what’s on offer at each destination here.

How much does it cost & do I have to pay all at once? offer tons of different options for destinations and accommodations. You can choose what suits you and your crew. You can camp in a BYO tent, or stay in a 5* hotel. Spend time browsing all the destinations and accommodation options on to see what’s gonna suit your budget best.

To make booking your Schoolies a breeze, we also have layby payment plans. When you are ready to book, you simply make a deposit and then the remainder of your booking is split up into small monthly repayments. Easy & affordable Schoolies, we love to see it. 
The amount of your monthly repayments are determined depending on how many months are left until final payment date, so the earlier you book the smaller your monthly repayments; life hack, you’re welcome.

Why does everyone book so early?

There are so many reasons, here are the top ones:
  1. As mentioned above, the earlier you book your Schoolies, the smaller your layby repayment, winning.  
  2. The most popular accommodation options are often snapped up first, so by booking early you get first pick.
  3. Because it’s flexible! At we understand things change, so once you’ve booked we’ve made it super easy to change things up. If you want to add someone, replace someone, change rooms etc the group organiser can do all that themselves by logging into your booking! 

Is Schoolies safe?

Your safety & well-being is the most important thing when it comes to having the best week of your life at Schoolies. There is a solid offering of support services available at all our destinations. The Red Frogs volunteers are absolute legends and are always on ground to help with anything and everything during Schoolies. At our larger destinations such as the Gold Coast, there are teams of volunteers plus other organisations and support services who come together to create a safe environment for all graduates. also provides a 24-hr helpline for students and their parents during Schoolies Week. 
See more about safety at schoolies here

Want to know more?

Check out our YouTube to watch some vlogs from previous Schoolies where you can see first-hand the Schoolies experience! Or head to our TikTok and Instagram to keep up to date with all things Schoolies. 
Schoolies is a right of passage for grade 12s, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create core memories, celebrate freedom and spend time with your besties. You can only experience Schoolies once, so don’t throw that away. 
Book your spot here and get ready to celebrate alongside thousands of other graduates, an experience of a life-time is waiting for you!

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