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What's it Really Like to go to Gold Coast Schoolies

What is it really like to go to Schoolies on the Gold Coast? Keep on reading to get a sneak peek at what really goes down in the number 1 destination for Schoolies celebrations. 🎉


The first step at Schoolies week? Check into your stunning Schoolies.com pad, your new home for the next week. 
Step into a 2022 Schoolies room for a little tour of what your Schoolies accom could look like.
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Why book your accommodation through Schoolies.com you ask? Great question, here are some reasons why you should avoid disappointment and book with Schoolies.com, the #1 provider for Schoolies accommodation. 🏆

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Gold Coast schoolies has more parties and events than any other schoolies destination. Below are some of our parties and events that are guaranteed to bring some seriously immaculate vibes for your Schoolies week on the Gold Coast.

Book with Schoolies.com to get access to our iconic parties and passes. Schoolies is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you’ve gotta do it right. 💯

Schoolies.com have events for 18+ schoolies and all-ages events for schoolies that are going to be 17 at schoolies. Read more about being 17 at schoolies here.

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Schoolies is more than just epic parties, it’s about making life-long memories, new friends, bonding with your besties, meeting new people, and most importantly celebrating graduation and your new-found freedom.

There's plenty to do during your schoolies week on the Gold Coast, like hit up the amazing beaches, theme parks, tourist attractions and shops (FYI you get loads of discounts on these when you book with Schoolies.com). It’s the ultimate summer holiday. 

Finishing 10+ years of schooling is huge! You deserve a celebration that can match such a massive achievement, and there’s no better way to send off this monumental chapter of your life than at the BIGGEST graduation celebration in Australia: Schoolies on the Gold Coast. 💯🔥


Schoolies on the Gold Coast is not only a fun, but a safe destination to celebrate your schoolies. An incredibly dedicated team of Red Frogs, Police, various Government responses, and our very own Schoolies.com team are on the ground 24/7 to ensure you can celebrate at Schoolies stress-free.


So what are you waiting for? Lock in your spot below so you can enjoy the Schoolies.com experience after you smash grade 12. ✨ Book Now
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