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The First Step to Booking Your Schoolies and it's Completely FREE?!

You might be surprised to find out that the first step to booking your Schoolies week is completely FREE! 😱 That’s right, you can get the ball rolling on your Schoolies trip and it won’t cost you a dime, winning. 🤑

STEP 1: Create your Schoolies group chat

Yep it’s that easy, just get your Schoolies Squad together and make a group chat. This way it’ll make sorting out the deets of your trip a breeze, and you can use it to get you through the school year. 🙌 Because let’s be real, looking forward to Schoolies is the only thing getting you through those last tough months of exams and stress. 

STEP 2:  Register for Schoolies updates

This step is crucial if you wanna stay up to date with all things Schoolies. By registering for Schoolies you’ll be notified as soon as your year goes on sale, you'll be the first to know important info like line-up drops and party tickets as well as when you can have your say on line-up and theme deets. Win-win. 🤩
Register for Schoolies

STEP 3: Chose your destination 

Once you’ve got a spot for you and your squad to chat, it’ll make it that much easier to decide where you wanna head for Schoolies week. 
Are you and your crew after a more chill destination to unwind and relax after grad, check out our Lorne, Torquay or Rye options. After a mix of chill and party? Try Airlie Beach or Byron Bay, these destinations offer the perfect balance of epic parties and lush scenery to vibe in. 🥳 You can’t go past the OG Schoolies’ destination: Gold Coast is by far the biggest, best and most popular destination to spend your Schoolies week in. With an insane offering of parties and events attracting more than 30,000 Schoolies every year! 🕺 Looking to level up your Schoolies experience? Take it international to Schoolies Island Fiji and party on a lush Schoolies-only island. Schoolies Fiji Island offers non-stop vibes in a tropical party paradise, say less. Check out all of our Schoolies destinations and what they offer here. schoolies-destinations.png

STEP 4: Pick your dates

There are two main weeks for Schoolies, week 1 and 2.  Typically, week 1 is QLD and week 2 is NSW, VIC and all other states. But you can go whatever week you like. There’s no wrong week to book, but the week you go to Schoolies usually depends on when you finish your final exams. Find out the main differences between week 1 and week 2 Schoolies here. 

STEP 5: Secure your accommodation 

Once you’ve got all the important stuff out of the way, you and your squad can pick your dream Schoolies accommodation! It’s best to get in early so you have heaps of options to pick from, because trust us the best ones ALWAYS sell out first. Once you and your squad have picked your ideal room, lock it in!  You can even put your booking on a layby plan, so all you have to pay is the deposit and the rest gets broken down into small monthly repayments. Booking your Schoolies has never been so easy or affordable, check out more about our layby plans here. 😍

STEP 6: Add your party passes!

Now for the fun stuff, booking through gives you exclusive access to all our epic parties and passes.  🥳 So if you book a Schoolies destination that offers parties, after you’ve booked you can log in and check out all the parties on offer! You can also add official merch and get access to different deals and discounts after you book. Need I say more?book-your-schoolies-first-step-is-free.png Now you’ve completed the 6 steps to booking the best week of your life, the only thing left to do is get hyped and start the countdown to Schoolies! Start your booking here. 😝
Haven’t booked your Schoolies yet? Rooms are selling fast so click here to lock in your spot today. 

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