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Packing Tips for Schoolies

28 Sep 2018 by Claire T

Where. To. Start.

It can be overwhelming thinking about packing for Schoolies. What will it be like? What do you need? You don’t want to get to Schoolies and have a massive epic fail, where you’ve forgotten all the essentials. We’re here to help people! Have a read before you start packing to make sure you are all set to roll into the Schoolies check-in, winning at life.


• First up, put your itinerary + travel documents, travel insurance, passport (if you’re venturing overseas), ID’s and any other important documentation for your trip in a secure folder to take with you. This is traveling 101. Pretty much anything else you need you can buy at your destination but if you forget any of these things you’re done. Do it, and then double check you’ve got it all before you leave.

• Enough underwear and day-time clothes for every day of Schoolies. Cause let’s face it, who is going to have time to do laundry during Schoolies. Count out 7 days’ worth of underwear, and day time clothes.

• Your nighttime party get-up. Depending on where you are traveling too, there are different parties and events happening at each destination. Find out what parties you are going to and then get your outfits sorted. Some parties are dress-up so speak to your crew and get your costumes on point before you go.

• Your toothbrush, no explanation needed here.

• A beach towel, if you're going somewhere beachy. Hotel towels just don't cut it for hitting the sand, so it is a good idea to take your own beach towel for day-time hangs at the beach.

• Some first-aid essentials. Think sunscreen, Panadol, band-aids (for those nasty blisters you’ll probably develop calving it up on the d-floor), any medications you need etc. Raid the bathroom cabinet and grab anything you think you might need while you’re away #ThanksMum.

• Tech stuff: Phone, a phone case could be a good idea in case you drop your phone, PHONE CHARGER (yes that is in capitals because you do not want to forget it (a week of having to borrow everyone else’s would suuuuuuck!!!), go-pro or camera if you have one, etc. If you are taking expensive tech stuff with you, maybe look at getting some travel insurance to cover any loss or damage.

• Pack comfortable shoes! You’ll be out and about on your feet heaps, so make sure you’ve got some good shoes for the week of festivities.

And finally, don’t forget to pack your common sense. It’s a fun and crazy week you’re heading into, and it’s important you keep it real and remember your common sense at all times.

See you soon at Schoolies – get excited for the best week of your life!!

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