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Schoolies Island Fiji - An Experience I'll Never Forget!

This week’s blog is brought to you by 2022 Schoolie Georgia Peters from Rouse Hill NSW. Georgia spent her Schoolies week on stunning Schoolies Island Fiji and had the most unforgettable experience, read more about her 2022 Fiji trip below. ✈️🏝️☀️
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Fiji Schoolies is an experience I will never forget! I still reminisce about the best week of my life to this day! I chose to book Fiji Schoolies so I could spend my days snorkelling, paddle boarding and experiencing the Fijian culture then, parting with my best friends at night. 🥳
what-went-down-on-schoolies-island-fiji.jpgWhen we first arrived at Treasure Island we were greeted by the most beautiful Fijians who sang a welcome song to welcome us to the Island. The enthusiastic Schoolies staff all made us all feel so welcome and before we all knew it, we had new friends left right and centre! Throughout the whole trip, I was so overwhelmed by how lovely the Fijian Staff members were and how they made us all feel like family. The same goes to the Schoolies staff members who felt like our best friends! 🙌  schoolies-island-fiji-review.jpg
I can’t get over how close everyone became in such a short amount of time. Lifelong friendships were made and the group I went with, we are closer than ever. Getting to experience all these new things with your befriends is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and was one of my favourite things about going to Schoolies Island Fiji! 🏝️
Each day we had an opportunity to experience something new. By far my favourite things to do by day on the island was to go on the snorkelling trips and sunset cruises and of course the themed parties at night.  🌊 The back-to-school party was my favourite as everyone had bedazzled their uniforms and they all looked amazing! By the pool each day there were always fun activities happening including: crab racing and spike ball. Each night before the parties we all got to experience the Fijian culture by watching fire dances, Cava ceremonies and learning their Bula Bula dance. There was always something to do on Schoolies Island Fiji and it definitely exceeded my expectations! 🤩
If I could go back to Schoolies Island Fiji this year I would. Schoolies was unforgettable and I will forever miss it! schoolies-island-fiji-moments-1.pngschoolies-island-fiji-moments-2.png
If you want to have the best week of your life just like Georgia did, lock in your spot on Schoolies Island Fiji now!
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