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What Is Schoolies Island in Fiji Really Like?

This week we have a guest blogger Stephanie, who is 18 years old and from Melbourne. For this weeks blog, Stephanie reflects on her 2019 Schoolies Island in Fiji trip. You can find Stephanie on Instagram @Stephanie_quang.

Schoolies Island in Fiji is a once in a lifetime experience that I know I will never forget! Nothing can possibly compare to the feeling of waking up each morning on a tropical paradise, crystal clear ocean right at your doorstep, with the most incredible blue skies and of course, your best friends right by your side!
fiji-sunshine-blog.jpgWhen we first arrived on the island, everyone was a total stranger, it was crazy seeing just how many school leavers had jumped on a plane to come to celebrate their Schoolies in Fiji. Needless to say, before long I had new friends everywhere I turned. It didn’t take long for us all to realise everyone was there for the exact same reasons; celebrate and have fun! Two things Schoolies definitely lived up to.
Something I didn’t expect about Schoolies is, living with your friends for a whole week can be tough and issues can arise but there are so many friendly people you meet to give you that break you may need. Reflecting on my trip, this amazing experience has only brought us all closer together and made our bond so much stronger. I feel like I’ve had a taste of freedom and am I so excited to plan my next trip with all my friends.
fiji-blo-stef.jpgFiji allowed me to be adventurous as there are so many activities on offer from shark diving to paddleboarding to participate in. This wild week away was such a memorable and exciting experience that was without a doubt worth the money. Plus, you know you are always in good hands thanks to the lovely staff who are willing to party and look after you!
If you want to have the best week of your life on Schoolies Island Fiji, just as Stephanie did, you can book Schoolies Island in Fiji here.
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