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Your #1 Schoolies hack: LAYBY

POV: it’s time to book your schoolies but you don’t have the funds to pay upfront. 
Well, let me put you onto something: layby. It’s the best Schoolies hack for your broke era (we’ve all been there). Plus, it’s super simple to put your Schoolies trip on a layby plan, so you can lock in your spot now and worry about the rest later, let me explain:


Your layby repayments are calculated by how many months there are from the day you book to final payment date, divided by the total cost of your booking (accommodation, merch and party tickets combined).
So the earlier you book means more months until final payment date which equals smaller monthly repayments, say less! it up is easy as, check out the four quick steps below. how-does-schoolies-layby-work.png


Did you know you can book your Schoolies now and pay as little as $18 per month on a layby plan?! Check out what you could be paying per month at some our fave destinations*:

*Prices are based on 2023 rooms with the lowest lead price. Prices will vary depending on room pax and availability. 


Our dedicated reservations team are on hand Monday to Friday 9am-5pm AEST to give you a hand finding the perfect room to suit your group and budget.
Get in touch with us below to get your Schoolies booking started today!
Now you know our top hack for booking your Schoolies vaycay on a budget, there’s no time to waste. Head straight to and lock in your spot today to score the cheapest monthly repayment! 🤑 Book Now can-you-put-schoolies-on-layby.png

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